Planning & Development Services

A - M

ACCP Animal Care Permit

ACPL Animal Care Pet License

AXBC Annexation

BBA Building Board Appeal

BCBP Commercial Building Permit

BCPP Building Commercial Pool Permit

BDMO Building Demo Permit

BFWP Building Fence/Wall Permit

BRBP Residential Building Permit

BRPP Building Residential Pool Permit

BRSP Residential Building Solar Permit

BSGN Building Sign Permit

EDFM Economic Development Film Permit

ELCO Commercial Electrical Permit

ELRE Residential Electrical Permit

ENFI Enforcement Incident

ENFC Natural Resources Enforcement Complaint

ENFC Building Enforcement Complaint

ENFC Health & Social Services Enforcement Complaint

ENFC Zoning Enforcement Complaint

ENFC Building Enforcement Property Maintenance Complaint

ENFC RFS Historical Enforcement

FDCP Fire Plan Review New/Alteration

FDOP Fire Operational Permit

HPHB Health & Social Services Home Based Food Permit

HPP Health & Social Services Pool Spa

HPRF Health & Social Services Food Establishment

HPSE Health & Social Services Special Event

HPWD Public Works Historical Grading & Drainage

HPWEP Public Works Historical

HSTB Historical Building Permit

HSTL Public Works Historical Liquid Waste

HSTW Public Works Historical Well

IMPW Impact Fee Waiver

MGCO Commercial Mechanical Permit

MGRE Residential Mechanical Permit

N - Z

NRA Natural Resources Appeal

NRCO Natural Resources Wastewater Change of Ownership

NRDP Natural Resources Discharge Plan

NREI Natural Resources Wastewater Evaluation

NRFM Natural Resources Fill Material

NRST Natural Resources Wastewater Self Install Test

NRTA Natural Resources Septic Tank Abandonment

NRW Natural Resources Individual Well

NRWA Natural Resources Well Abandonment

NRWM Natural Resources Monitoring Well

NRWO Natural Resources Wastewater Operator

NRWP Natural Resources Public Well

NRWS Natural Resources Multiple Household Well

NRWT Natural Resources Holding Tank

NRWW Natural Resources Wastewater

PGCO Plumbing Commercial Permit

PGHS Plumbing House Sewer

PGRE Residential Plumbing Permit

PGSK Plumbing Sprinkler

PWCO Development Review Construction

PWDN Development Review Grading & Draining Review

PWEP Development Review Excavation Permit

PWMP Development Review Miscellaneous Permit

PWPP Development Review Pool

PWSR Development Review Scoping Report

PWSW Development Review Storm Water Pollution

PWTR Development Review Traffic Impact Analysis

SC Major Subdivision

SRP Minor Subdivision

SWRW Solid Waste Residential

TRBA Traffic Barricading

TRSP Traffic Special Event

ZA Zoning Administrator

ZBA County Board of Adjustment

ZBL Out of County Business Registration

ZCBL Commercial Business License

ZCOA Appeal to the County Commission

ZCSU Special Use

ZCZ Zone Change

ZNCU Non-Conforming Use

ZNCR Non-Conforming Regulation

ZNP Zoning Permissive

ZNPH MH Placement Permit

ZRBL Residential Business License

ZSDP Sector Development Plan

ZSNC Street Name Change

ZSPR Special Project Review

ZTC Ordinance Text Change

ZTEM Temporary Business License


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