Why is this measure important?

Monitoring of use and costs will identify areas for investment that will lead to reduced water use, increased water use efficiency, and correct account type designations and metering. In turn these lead to decreased water utility and facility operational costs.

Strategic Plan Goal

Public Infrastructure


Business Strategy

Cost Avoidance/Risk Mitigation 

Action Steps


  1. Monitor water usage at county facilities served by Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) on a monthly basis using Smart Use Water Management Tool
  2. Conduct quarterly meetings with Fleet and Facilities Management (FFM) and Land Management staff to identify target projects/initiatives
  3. Establish baseline water use or cost prior to project or improvement
  4. Measure change (either reduced water use (gallons) and/ or reduced costs) after improvement

FY21 Target


# of Issues Identified and Resolved

FY22 Target


# of Issues Identified and Resolved

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Smart Use Water Management Tool / Internal Tracking

by #62a39f

Number of facility water conservations issues identified and resolved

by ##62a39f

Some examples of water conservation projects at County facilities:
* Promptly address all leaks identified through ABCWUA Leak Detection Reports and the ABCWUA Water Management Tool at County facilities (on-going)
* Upgrade to smart (weather-based) irrigation controllers with flow meters at all County parks and open spaces (on-going)
* Upgrade mechanical, manual-read meters to ultrasonic Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) meters at all County wells (to be completed this spring with partial funding from a Bureau of Reclamation WaterSmart grant)
* Install green stormwater infrastructure demonstration project at Gutierrez-Hubbell House Open Space, in partnership with Ciudad Soil and Water Conservation District (to be completed this spring with partial funding from an Alliance for Water Efficiency Learning Landscape grant)
* Installation of flood irrigation system efficiency improvements at Bachechi Open Space, in partnership with the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District. Projects included broad-crested weir at arboretum; new turnout and delivery pad at pecan orchard; long-crested weir, new turnout, and extension of concrete-lined ditch at native grass areas (completed September 2020)

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