Commissioners Pass Gender-Pay Equity Amendment

2:02 PM

Bernalillo County commissioners passed an amendment to the Bernalillo County procurement code that gives a 5% preference to businesses that have no pay gap between male and female employees.

Simply stated, the new amendment means that businesses that wish to garner a county contract can receive the 5% preference if they can show that men and women, performing the same work or that have similar positions, are paid the same amount for their work.

“Equal pay for equal work is of vital importance in Bernalillo County,” says County Commission Vice Chair Charlene Pyskoty. “This is an effort to reward companies that recognize the value of employees, regardless of their gender, and support county residents in the workplace.”

The equal pay preference means that a company’s bid will be considered 5% lower if equal pay is proven, or if submitting a proposal, an additional 5% will be added to the total possible points or the total weight of all the factors used in evaluating the proposals. An example: The company bid is $100,000, but with the proven preference, the bid is considered to be $95,000 and is compared with other bids at this level, or when submitting a proposal that has been assigned a total possible points of 100, an additional 5 points will be added to the overall evaluation score the company receives.

The gender-pay equity amendment was approved by the commission on a 4 to 0 vote. Commissioner Debbie O’Malley was absent.

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