What do we do?


  • Conduct management of Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) record retention, disposition, retrieval processes in compliance with Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA) and federal court mandates
  • Provide benefit education and case management to inmates
  • Manage major contract services such as medical and food
  • Manage Metropolitan Detention Center (MDC) financial and human resources
  • Oversight, compliance, and accreditation of Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)


  • Detention Facility Management Oversight (DFMO) ensure compliance with ordinance
  • McClendon executive action committee
  • Public Information Office (PIO)
  • Conduct a thorough and objective investigation into any allegation of misconduct while respecting the rights of the subject employee, inmates, and members of the public
  • Strive to identify and correct unclear or inappropriate operational procedures or training


  • Training, policy and procedure management, operations, facilities, warehouse, programs
  • Oversee volunteer programs
  • Recruitment and retention of staff
  • Develop and maintain a sustainable recruitment and retention program for correctional officers
  • Chair of Use of Force panel


  • Create, implement, and manage compliance operations to meet federal, state, and local regulations, laws etc; and accreditation agencies American Correctional Association (ACA) and New Mexico Association of Counties (NMAC)
  • Oversee McClendon litigation


  • Security, Unit D-F, restrictive housing unit (RHU), release/discharge/transfer, Psychiatric Acute Care (PAC), transport, records/property/intake, Community Custody Program (CCP), classification
  • Improve the processes to ensure safety of all in the facility
  • Streamline the movement of inmates and services for housing, court, medical, intake, and releasing
  • Manage records and property
  • Facility classification
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What Strategic Plan Goals Do We Support?

Follow the arrows below to see which Strategic Plan Goal(s) this department supports.


O175: Maintain self-monitoring for each domain for McClendon settlement compliance (Policy and Compliance)

Status: Needs Focus
rgb(9, 82, 89)

P79: Vacancy rate of correctional officers (Operations)

Status: Needs Focus
rgb(9, 82, 89)

P189: Complete Office of Professional Standards (OPS) investigations within 30 days of assignment (Detention Center Chief)

Status: On Target

P265: Increase number of correctional officers who graduate and remain employed 1 year after graduating (Operations)

Status: Improving
rgb(9, 82, 89)

P270: Increase number of people hired through recruitment efforts (Operations)

Status: Needs Focus
rgb(9, 82, 89)

P350: Reduce inmate on inmate and staff on inmate substantiated allegations (Administrative Services)

Status: On Target

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