Build Foundation starts with the question: Why do we exist?This question is answered by all departments in their mission statements. The mission statement for each department should describe their core purpose in relation to how they serve the community to achieve the county’s mission and the strategic plan. Mission statements should be easy to understand, results oriented, and written from the customer perspective.


The next question is: What do we do? Department responses to this question are used to describe the services they provide. Departments build a comprehensive, yet succinct and understandable, listing of services that can be easily understood by the community in terms of the impact to them. Department services typically correspond to the groupings on their departmental organization chart. Grouping services into sections this way makes it more manageable to understand the major functions of each department. Services listings should start with action words to help describe what they do.

The mission and services are the foundation for building performance measures and objectives.

As a part of the 2-year performance cycle, each department will review its performance measures and objectives to ensure measures are appropriate and accurate. Click on the link below to view the Performance Cycle guidelines about department meetings and their proposed performance measures and objectives. 


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