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Program Guides

These are printable program guides that show all of what we have going on! Our latest guides are still on their way, but you can check out the past two years here:




Open Space Programs

A selective program that offers specialized tree education and works to encourage active stewardship of trees in all settings around New Mexico.

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Educational workshops hosted for the public of all ages to learn more agricultural and practical growing skills in a hands-on environment.

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A selective program that develops everyday people whom are passionate about the outdoors and local food culture to become self-sustaining, independent farmers.

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A lecture and on-site activity series that aims to teach people about the unique environment, history, and culture of the East Mountains, all the while spending time outdoors.

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A selective program that trains people to become knowledgeable stewards of the natural environment and to be comfortable with tackling problems the landscape faces.

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Statewide volunteer program that works to preserve the cultural and natural heritage of New Mexico’s open space properties through collaborative site restoration.

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Other programs include: Family Fun Days, Geocaching, Exhibit Tours, Nature Packs, Prescription or Rx Trails, School Tours, and Scout Opportunities.

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Community Services
  • Pre-registration is required to obtain the Zoom login credentials.To register, please email Marnie at bospace@bernco.gov. Meet with Rachel Carson, who will be played by Ann Beyke. Rachel (1907-1964) was a marine biologist when few women dared to even tread water. Her early childhood was spent exploring nature in western Pennsylvania. She wrote the book Silent Spring in 1962, which revealed the damaging use of the chemical compound DDT. It was banned in the United States in 1972. Ann Beyke has performed in local film, theater, television, radio plays and as a voice-over artist for over 25 years.
    11/21/2020 10:00 AM

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