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For the summer of 2021, Bernalillo County was approved for a financial award from the New Mexico Public Education Department to administer a summer internship program for youth ages 16-18 interested in exposure to a variety of professions from diverse employers and organizations throughout Bernalillo County.

The internship program is designed to provide real‐world experiences that expand youth application of academic, technical and employability skills in a work setting.

The county has set the goal to hire in June up to a maximum of 500 student interns to work 20 hours a week for six weeks, beginning in early July.  Bernalillo County also intends to employ up to 34 part-time adult coordinators who will oversee intern placement in positions that complement the youth’s interest and skills.

To qualify, interns will need to be 16 to 18 years old and be residents of Bernalillo County. The program will be open to any youth, including spring-summer 2021 graduates. Interns will be paid $12 an hour. Coordinators will be paid $25 an hour.

Upon being hired by Bernalillo County, interns will need to sign an internship agreement and successfully complete orientation before being placed at an employer worksite.  Interns will be required to participate in weekly employability training.

Deadlines for the program are as follows:
Coordinators:  Applications must be received no later than June 11
Interns:  Applications must be received no later than June 19
Employers:  Request for interns must be received no later than June 18

Special thanks to the many highly supportive local employers and agencies making this internship program possible for the local area youth.  Your contributions to this effort have allowed it to be the success that it is already.

For more information about this program, or to submit your completed form, please contact Cindy Weaselbear by email to


High school aged youth 16 – 18 (including graduating seniors) who become interns will be paid $12 an hour for up to 20 hours per week during the 6-week internship program.  Interns will be required to participate in an intern orientation prior to placement at a worksite and then continue to participate in employability training over the course of the 6-week internship.  The internship jobs will begin in July and run into August.  Job placements are subject to availability and compatibility.





The coordinator position is a part time 20 hours per week $25 and hour role that oversees high school interns that have been placed in jobs.  Coordinators will be working for a maximum of 10 weeks and are expected to start in June prior to the interns. 

Coordinators will plan, implement, coordinate, evaluate, supervise, and mentor high school interns accepted to the BernCo Summer Intern Program. The coordinator promotes the success of the Summer Intern Program by developing effective relationships and implementing supports for interns, employers, and other key partners.



Employers choosing to mentor high school interns will be asked to complete and sign an intern request form that provides key information used to match student interns for placement at appropriate worksites.  The target start date for intern applicants is July 5 resulting in their 6-week internship ending by August 13 at the latest.  Interns will be required to participate in weekly half day employability trainings.  Interns assignments are subject to availability and compatibility.



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