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BernCo Emergency Communications Department to Receive New State Funded 911 Consoles


The County Commission Tuesday night voted to authorize the county manager to accept $384,190 from the State of New Mexico Enhanced 911 Fund to purchase new 911 dispatch consoles for the Bernalillo County Emergency Communications Department.

These consoles hold the radio equipment, several video monitors and the computer needed to help dispatchers keep track of the original 911 call, the dispatch of law enforcement, fire/rescue personnel, ambulance/hospital and other community partners (Red Cross, PNM, Gas Company) who might become part of the call.

“This funding will allow the consoles currently at the Emergency Communications Center, which have reached end-of-life status, to be completely replaced at no cost to Bernalillo County,” says Emergency Communications Director Vernon Lee Thompson.

The Enhanced 911 Fund is funded by a surcharge payable by all telecommunication companies who provide wire access or wireless lines capable of originating a 911 call.

The Bernalillo County Emergency Communications Department receives and responds to over 180,000 emergency and non-emergency calls a year, dispatching Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Department and Fire Department personnel to thousands of county residents and visitors in emergency situations.

The measure passed on a 4-0 vote. Commissioner Debbie O’Malley was excused from the meeting.

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