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Bernalillo County at the Forefront of Modern Communications with New Public Safety Radio Communications System


Bernalillo County will partner with the State of New Mexico for Project 25 (P25) land mobile radio (LMR) to improve public safety operations within the county and across the state. The ASTRO 25 radio system, which will be deployed and maintained by longtime public safety technology supplier Motorola Solutions (NYSE: MSI), will be seamlessly integrated with the state-of-the art public safety software that Motorola Solutions also provides to the county. Motorola Solution’s fully integrated solution provides more efficient public safety workflow to improve the safety of first responders and the public they serve.

"We are grateful for Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s investment in our land mobile radio system to allow Bernalillo County to further improve safety in our communities,” says Greg Perez, Bernalillo County deputy county manager and fire chief. “The system will connect police, fire and other government agencies operating in Bernalillo County, adjacent counties and across the state to improve emergency response.”

The ASTRO 25 radio system will use a software-defined platform that integrates radio and broadband services to provide features like extending coverage when operating in neighboring jurisdictions or outside of Bernalillo County’s service area. Fire response will be improved with an integrated fire station alerting solution; first responder safety will be enhanced with an on-scene personnel accountability solution and public safety situational information will be augmented with location awareness via time and distance reports. The security of communications will be enhanced with radio verification and encryption.

“Our department has come to rely on technologies that facilitate collaboration with neighboring cities, counties and even the public,” Perez says. “From our radio network, to our crime center software, to the radios we carry; everything needs to be efficient, interoperable and integrated.”

Bernalillo County continues to be a leader in public safety technology and has fostered cross-jurisdiction collaboration within the region. In 2017, the computer aided dispatch (CAD) system was upgraded to Motorola Solutions’ PremierOne in response to rising crime rates; and an integrated records management system (RMS) with advanced analytics was added to streamline data collection and management, allowing the Sheriff’s Office to share data with neighboring law enforcement departments and criminal justice partners. Sheriff’s deputies have unified operational views of incidents that enable coordinated responses due to integration between VESTA 911 call handling and the CAD. The end-to-end software suite from Motorola Solutions has helped dispatchers and sheriff’s deputies secure, analyze and share data quickly to help prevent and solve crimes locally and in neighboring counties.

Our goal is to keep our community safe and to invite other neighboring cities, counties and state agencies, including attorney general’s and district attorney’s offices, to look at Bernalillo County technologies,” Perez says. “As additional partners tether onto our systems, we will all benefit from greater data sharing, collaboration and interoperability for faster sheriff and fire emergency response times and reduced crime in our communities.”

Bernalillo County selected Motorola Solutions as its software and radio communications provider due to its integrated technology and proven experience as a global leader in mission-critical communications and analytics.


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