Health And Public Safety
  • Any youth in the care and custody of the Center may report a grievance about conditions, practices, or decisions at the facility or about any needs or concerns that have not been addressed to their satisfaction.
  • Third parties, including other youth, staff members, family members, legal guardians, outside advocates, and attorneys for youth, may file grievances on behalf of youth currently or formerly in custody at the Center and may assist youth in completing grievances and appeals. A Resident may decline to have third party assistance in filing a grievance.
  • A grievance can be reported multiple ways, including verbally, written on any paper or the grievance form. A grievance can be filed by the youth affected or by a third party.
  • The Director or Designee will investigate the matter and provide the youth with an initial response within 2 business days of receipt of the grievance and a final decision within 5 business days.
  • Grievance Forms (below) should be sent to
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