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The goal of the Bernalillo County Housing Department is to provide safe, decent housing for assisted families and those that are homeownership ready.

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  • Provide rental payment subsidy for income qualified individuals and families
  • Issue Housing Choice Vouchers to maintain funding
  • Seek partnerships to construct new rental complexes
  • Provide home buying assistance for income qualified individuals and families


  • Receive issued voucher and rent range form
  • Review lease compared to voucher and negotiate rent, if needed
  • Schedule and conduct Housing Quality Standards (HQS) inspection with tenant and landlord
  • Finalize paperwork (i.e. lease agreement)
  • Investigate issues or repairs needed to units
  • Provide training to landlords
  • Ensure decent, safe and sanitary housing for program participants


  • Performing rehabilitation services that affect health, safety or code violations for unincorporated Bernalillo County single family homeowner- residents
  • Provide multi-family rental units known as El Centro Familiar and Seybold Village to low income individuals and families, seniors, and people with disabilities
  • Offer rehabilitation grant to homeowners (dependent on funding availability)

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  • O127: Security camera install for elderly and disabled housing units

    Accomplished FY19
  • O128: Alarm upgrade for elderly and disable housing units

    Accomplished FY19
  • O129: Develop an activity plan for the Commons Center

    Accomplished FY19

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What Strategic Plan Goals Do We Support?

Follow the arrows below to see which Strategic Plan Goal(s) this department supports.



O211: Rehabilitate multi-family housing units (Rehab)

Status: On Target

P12: Issue Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) Rental Assistance (Finance)

Status: On Target

P15: Remediate life threatening violations within 24 hours (Inspection)

Status: On Target

P16: Remediate non-life threatening violations within 30 days (Inspection)

Status: On Target

P220: Rent all 75 Bernalillo County owned multi-family units (Rehab)

Status: Needs Focus

P221: Provide trainings to encourage landlords to participate in rental subsidy programs (Inspection)

Status: Deferred

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