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Westside Community Center Improvements

Parking and Drainage Improvements:

Additional parking areas will be added to the center, including 72 permanent parking spaces, and a flexible overflow parking area/field that can accommodate up to 80 additional vehicles. As part of the parking lot project, the Special Programs Building will be removed and in conjunction with Bernalillo County Public Works (Goff Drainage Project), drainage ponds will be reconfigured to provide more park area and create swales that connect via a new pipe to the Sanchez Farm drainage basin. The current Prescription (Rx) Trail that loops around Westside Park will be extended, connecting the community center to nearby Sanchez Farm Open Space. Other site improvements will include an outdoor stage, a small garden area, two large shade structures, two tree groves and a new playground.

Status: Design/Construction

Estimated Construction Start: Spring 2019
Estimated Construction Completion: Winter 2019

Boxing Gym and Life Center Addition

Over 32,500 square feet of new space will be added to the center by the final phase, including a new lobby and boxing gym, new fitness center, meeting room space/health resource area. This expansion will support additional fitness activities and health classes, and it would enable the community center to include whole-life programming.  An additional gym is also proposed to additional support fitness activities and enable the community center to host basketball tournaments with the existing gym and the two recently refurbished outdoor courts.

Status: Planning/Design

Estimated Cost: $250,000
Estimated Planning/Design Completion: Fall 2020
Estimated Construction Start: Spring 2021
Estimated Construction Completion: Spring 2022

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