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Bernalillo County Assessor Mails Out Notices of Value to Property Owners


This week the Bernalillo County Assessor’s office mailed out the 2019 notice of value (NOV) statements for real property for residential and manufactured homes, and non-residential for commercial and vacant land to property owners in the county. These values are effective Jan.1, 2019, and will be used to calculate your 2019 property tax bills the Bernalillo County Treasurer’s Office will mail in November of this year. The statements for the 2019 notice of value for business personal property and livestock will be mailed to property owners on May 1, 2019.

“Our staff works hard to ensure that property owners of Bernalillo county are fairly and equitably assessed however, if you disagree with your assessed value, you have 30 days of the date that your notice of value statement was mailed to notify our office,” County Assessor Tanya R. Giddings says. “It’s important for property owners to review the information on their NOV statement to ensure the property information is current and correct and to make sure they are taking advantage of property tax exemptions that could help lower their property tax bill.”

Property owners who have questions or need assistance, can contact the Assessor’s Office at (505) 222-3700. Included in the envelope of the notice of value statement is an “Understanding Your Notice of Value” insert that addresses some of our most frequently asked questions about the property assessment process, property tax exemptions, an example of a calculation of the assessed value for a property, and the calculation for property taxes. Additional information can be found on the assessor’s website, www.bernco.gov/assessor, such as educational pamphlets and videos.

Property owners also have the option to enroll to receive their NOVs electronically in future years. Instructions on how to sign up have been inserted into the NOV mailings. As always, residents of Bernalillo County can also access their notices of value statement from the “search assessor records” link on the County Assessor website.

If a property owner disagrees with the county assessor’s valuation on their property, they have until Tuesday, April 30 to file a protest form. A protest form can be filed online on the assessor’s website, or in person at our office located at 501 Tijeras Ave. NW. To assist with downtown parking, there will be free parking in the alley, north of the Assessor’s Office, entered from 6th street, during the protest period of April.

“We encourage the residents of Bernalillo County to call or come see us if they have any questions, so we can walk you through your property’s assessment. We are eager to assist,” County Assessor Giddings says.

Property owners have until Tuesday, April 30 to apply for property tax exemptions that could help lower their property tax bill in November. These exemptions include head of family, veterans and 100 percent disabled veterans, and the value freeze program. Applications for these exemptions can be downloaded from the assessor’s website at https://www.bernco.gov/assessor/excemptions-applications-other.aspx or picked up in person at 501 Tijeras Ave. NW.

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