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BernCo Board of Commissioners Recognizes Employees of the Quarter


On Tuesday, April 24, 2018, Certificates of Recognition were awarded to Employees of the Quarter (3rd Quarter FY 2018) and presented by County Manager Julie Morgas Baca.

The Employee Recognition Committee presented seven employees to the Board of Commissioners to receive the recognition of Employee of the Quarter.

Each person selected received the highest ranking in their division.

The recognition committee ranked each nomination form submitted and selected the employee from each division with the highest average.

The Board of County Commissioners recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of seven employees who have shown exemplary dedication to Bernalillo County.

Division 1 County Manager – Sulema Lenz, Administrative Officer III, Economic Development
Division 2 Community Services – Patricia “Pat” Nicasio, Administrative Officer III, Clerk’s Office
Division 3 Finance – Monica Roybal, Financial Accountant Sr., Finance Division
Division 4 Public Safety – Gary Surad, Deputy Emergency Manager, Office of Emergency Management
Division 5 Public Works – Dwight Coleman, Fleet Administrator, Risk Management Department
Division 6 General Services – Marissa Torres, Sr. Procurement Technician, Business Services Department
Division 7 MDC – Mattie Cooper, Corrections Officer, MDC


Read the full profiles of these exemplary employees below:


Division 1 (County Manager) – Sulema Lenz

“Sulema uses her experience from the banking industry to further enhance the Economic Development Department’s Business Management Counseling Meetings, by providing assistance on management principals, business finance and marketing.”

Sulema came to the county after 20 years in the banking industry and has been with Economic Development for 13 months as an Administrative Officer III. She provides support to the entire Department by performing a wide variety duties from general administrative support to sharing her banking knowledge at various business summits.

Outside of work, Sulema is a handywoman and enjoys fixing things around the house and working in the yard. Last year’s summer project was painting the exterior of her home. Very ambitious!


Division 2 (Community Services) – Patricia “Pat” Nicasio

“Pat has a conscientious work ethic, cares about the work she does, and always thinks about others rather than herself.”

Pat retired from Sandia National Laboratories after 23 years, and she came to the county as a temporary employee to support the 2012 election. After the election, she was hired by the Clerk’s Office as an Administrative Officer III, where she has worked for the past five years.

Pat has many responsibilities from procurement of goods and services to assisting with media requests, and everything in between. She has vast knowledge of what it takes to prepare for an election.

She looks forward to a second and final retirement so she can devote more time to family. Outside of work, Pat enjoys traveling, golfing, and fishing with her favorite fishing partner: her father.


Division 3 (Finance) – Monica Roybal

“Monica’s work ethic, devotion and demeanor combine to create a considerate and successful team player and leader.”

Prior to the working for the county, Monica worked for the Local Government Division of DFA as a Project Manager. She joined the county eight years ago and has worked for MDC, Legal, and currently with the Finance Division as a Financial Accountant Sr. She works on various technical projects assigned by the DCM.

Outside of work, Monica enjoys running, cycling and walking her dog Duke. She enjoys simple things like talking, laughing and sharing a meal with family. She recently married her best friend, Dan.


Division 4 (Public Safety) – Gary Surad

“Gary is dedicated to emergency management in general and is always looking for ways to improve the overall interoperability among agencies within the metro area as well as throughout the state.”

Gary spent 35 years in Federal Fire Department in Ventura California, where he retired as Fire Chief. He and his wife Jeri relocated to Albuquerque after deciding this is where they wanted to retire. He joined Bernalillo County’s Office of Emergency Management in 2005 as Emergency Management Specialist, and is currently the Deputy Emergency Manager.

Besides his normal emergency management duties, he assists the county and surrounding jurisdictions in managing their radio communication needs. Gary is an amateur radio enthusiast, and has a budding interest in drone photography.


Division 5 (Public Works) – Dwight Coleman

“Dwight runs his program professionally and independently, is thoughtful about processes and outcomes, and is very supportive of professional growth for his staff.”

Dwight retired from the Air Force after 22 years of service. He joined the county’s Risk Management Department in 1998 as the Loss Control Manager and has had several different positions since then. He is currently the Fleet Administrator.

He’s been married for 41 years to Fay, has 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

Outside of work, Dwight enjoys fishing, golfing, motorcycle riding, and kayak fishing. He is a member of the Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club. He also volunteers at numerous youth-related programs throughout the year.


Division 6 (General Services) – Marissa Torres

“Marissa’s job performance has by far exceeded expectations. She also provides a cheerful attitude for her co-workers!”

Marissa has been with Bernalillo County for nearly six and a half years. She is currently in the Procurement and Business Services Department as a Sr. Procurement Technician processing shopping carts and providing support wherever needed.

Originally from the San Fernando Valley in California, she has lived in Albuquerque most of her life. She is married to Robert Torres, and has two sons: Corbin and Cooper.

Outside of work, she loves camping with her family. She also enjoys crafting with her sisters-in-laws. And she’s busy running around with the kids. Corbin is in baseball now, which takes up a lot of time!


Division 7 (MDC) – Mattie Cooper

“Officer Cooper’s attentiveness led to the successful recapture of an inmate who had absconded from CCP.”

Officer Cooper is a Corrections Officer at MDC. While she was on duty working at UNMH in the emergency room, she saw a patient enter with an injured leg. She recognized the patient to be an inmate from MDC who had fled from CCP. Officer Cooper quickly notified the shift commander and, along with fellow officers, monitored the inmate's location until the arrival of CCP officers. CCP officers captured and returned the inmate to custody without incident.

Officer Cooper moved from Kansas five years ago seeking mountains and sunshine. But Albuquerque has given her much more than that. She found a career that she loves, her wife Kayla, a passion for hiking and mountain biking, a pound dog, Panda, that is the perfect companion for her Kansas-born pup, Bertha, and a great life here in Bernalillo County. She is thrilled to call this her home!

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